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Conversions Soar For Garage Boss

A GARAGE boss who was converting around 20% of enquiries into new business is now booking in more than 70% after one phone call to Leads Everyday. 

Mab Ramon says sales soared when he tweaked his sales process on the advice of our Business Development Team. 

Mab, of Aylesbury Auto Clinic, was only getting two or three jobs from every ten enquiries he received from people needing clutch replacements.

After speaking to sales manager Sam Chant, Mab now books in seven or eight out of every ten clutch enquiries he receives from Leads Everyday.

Leads Everyday Expert Sales Tips
Get Them Through The Door – the Golden Rule in the car trade

Mab says: “Before the call to Sam, we were giving people prices over the phone. They would ring in asking how much a replacement clutch would be for a particular vehicle. We would look it up and tell them and in many cases we wouldn’t hear from them again.”

Sam imparted some of the knowledge we have gleaned at Leads Everyday after working closely with our partners in the motor trade for more than a decade. 

There is a golden rule that all our most successful partners swear by when they receive enquiries from potential new customers – Get Them Through The Door.

Mab says: “Sam asked why we were giving a price for a replacement clutch when we didn’t even know they NEEDED a replacement clutch. For all we knew, it could be a simple fault which could be fixed at far less than the cost of a replacement clutch.

“So now we simply ask each caller to bring their car in so we can take a look and find out what may be wrong with it before giving them any sort of price. It was a simple bit of advice but it has transformed our business. We are now busy all the time thanks to Sam and Leads Everyday.”

Get Them Through The Door 

Before speaking to Sam, Mab and the team at Aylesbury Auto Clinic were providing a public information service (strictly Not For Profit). If someone wanted to know the price of a new clutch for their vehicle, all they had to do was call Aylesbury Auto Clinic.

Whoever answered the phone would stop what they were doing and take a few minutes out of their day to run their registration, look up the parts and get a price. Armed with this price, the caller simply had to ring round a couple more garages asking if any of them would do the job cheaper. No wonder Mab rarely heard back from these callers. 

Now the caller is simply told to bring their vehicle in – and most of them do, allowing the Aylesbury Auto Clinic team to build a relationship with them. The customer will have taken time off work to get to the garage, so when they are given a price will they really want to phone round other garages to try and get it ten pounds cheaper? Or will they want the work done as quickly as possible?

The advice we gave Mab is just one of the trade secrets that we share with our partners at Leads Everyday. If you want to expand your business with enquiries from customers needing the services you offer, call our Business Development Team on 01329 887314.


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Leads Everyday generates 50,000 live customer contacts every month to UK businesses – but only YOU can turn these enquiries into business. We ask our most successful partners their secrets. This tip is from the boss of a repair garage in Bristol.

“When you receive an enquiry from a new customer, try to mirror the customer’s likes. Are they a facts-only type or do they enjoy a bit of banter?”