How To Get Perfect Leads For YOUR Business

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Use A Specialist In Your Trade.

How do you find out the best way to generate new customer enquiries for your business? You will probably get a different answer from everyone you ask. 

There are numerous ways to generate customer enquiries in these days of information technology. Too many, in fact, if you just want to dip your toe in the water and do something to get your phone ringing. 

The choice is bewildering. People will recommend pay-per-click. Others will tell you to forget pay-per-click and advertise “free” by posting twice a day on Instagram. Some will swear by Twitter. Or TikTok. Or WhatNot.

Get calls from customers searching for the services you offer

But how time-consuming are these methods? Which work best for your trade? And how many of them actually result in new customers phoning you up to enquire about your services?

Leads Everyday specialises in generating quality leads for Britain’s local tradesmen and the motor trade. If you are a roofer we know we can get your phone ringing every day because we do the same thing for hundreds of roofers around the UK.

The same thing applies if you run an MoT station. We generate customer enquiries direct to your phone for every garage service including brakes, clutch replacements and engine rebuilds.

Speak To Happy Customers In Your Trade.

This means we can tell you how many leads to expect on average according to where you are and how much you want to spend. You decide your budget and our Business Development Team will let you know how many customer calls you can expect.

And best of all, you can speak to as many of our customers as you like to confirm how successful our service has been for their business. 

Lead Generation, also known as New Customers Phoning You Up, is the most cost-effective way of driving new business your way. 

Before paying anyone to promote your business, ask these four key questions: 

  • How many clients do you have in my trade? 
  • How many leads will I get on average for my budget?
  • How much work will I have to do?
  • Can I speak to happy clients in MY TRADE?

Sales Tips From The Experts.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Leads Everyday generates 50,000 live customer contacts every month to UK businesses – but only YOU can turn these enquiries into business. We ask our most successful partners their secrets. This tip is from a driveways contractor in Bristol:

Treat people how you would expect to be treated yourself. If they are elderly, imagine if it was your parents.