I Get Six Jobs A Week From Leads Everyday

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Surrey Tree Surgeon Booming

TREE surgeon Jack Attree is urging other tradesmen to join Leads Everyday after winning an average SIX jobs a week.

Jack became a Leads Everyday partner two years ago and says his business has not looked back since. 

When he first took a campaign with us, Jack was also working as a sub-contractor. By last summer he had enough work to focus full time on his own business. 

Jack says: “I never liked working for anyone else, I always wanted to be my own boss. Now I am and Leads Everyday has been instrumental in getting me here.”

Callers Are Looking For A Family Firm 

Jack quotes an average 11 jobs a week from leads he is supplied by LeadsEveryday. He says: “I will get five or six of those week in and week out.”

Jack’s mum helps him with the business and he believes being a family firm helps him books so many jobs.

He says: “People like the fact that we are a local family business and they can tell they can trust us. The people we get calling up from our Leads Everyday campaign can see we are exactly what they are looking for, a trustworthy local firm.

“I would definitely encourage other tree surgeons to try Leads Everyday. Just give it a go, if you commit to it for a few months and make sure you work the leads in an organised way you will find yourself busy everyday.”

One thing Jack really liked about Leads Everyday was that Sales Manager Sam Chant encouraged him to speak with other tree surgeons BEFORE he joined. 

Jack, owner of A&E Tree Surgery, Leatherhead, Surrey,  says: “Sam put me in touch with other Tree surgeons partners before I spent a penny which really gave us the confidence to join up.

“Leads Everyday has truly helped my business and if anyone would like to speak to me about my experience feel free to contact me.”

Sales Tips From The Experts 

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Leads Everyday generates 50,000 live customer contacts every month to UK businesses – but only YOU can turn these enquiries into business. 

As Jack is converting an impressive six out of 11 quotes, we asked him to share one of his secrets. 

Quote as quickly as possible. Don’t say I’ll drop by on Saturday, get there as soon as you can and provide a written quote by email as soon as possible afterwards.