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What’s the difference between Lead Generation and Marketing?

Marketing covers a wide range of concepts all of which are basically intended to increase awareness of your business or brand. Lead generation is more direct. It’s all about bums on seats. It’s marketing the bits of your business that will get people ringing you up. Promoting your business in exactly the place people will look when they search for your service.

In some ways it’s the complete opposite of everything people will try to tell you to do with your social media promotions. They tell you to cast your net far and wide, be all things to all people, keep throwing messages out into the ether hoping someone will latch on to them and start following you in the hope of getting more of the same.

That’s not to say all these things don’t work. But it’s the long game. Lead generation is about getting the results quickly enough to, without being too blunt, stay in business. Without customers no business is worth a light.

Lead generation is about focussing your efforts on keeping the lifeblood pumping. It’s not about mission statements and worthy goals. It’s about getting the right message in the right place to get your phone ringing.

How Much Will Lead Generation Cost?

That depends how you look at it. How many new leads do you need? 

Pete The Plumber has three men sitting idle half the week so he needs enough new customer enquiries to generate another three or four  jobs every week.

Are you paying your staff to sit around drinking tea? If so, you may need Lead Generation

He closes about one in three enquiries. Pete needs nine more plumbing leads or boiler installation leads every week. Pete  wants to know how much it will cost him to get these leads.

Pete’s asking the wrong question. What he needs to worry about is how much it is costing him to do nothing about the situation.

He’s paying three men to do nothing two and a half days a week. He also pays his rent, rates, the van his staff sleep and read the paper in and all his other overheads in full every week. 

Pete’s question should be, how much am I LOSING by not paying for lead generation. The cost of not filling the vacant slots in his diary is roughly half his wage bill plus half his overheads. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to pay someone to get his phone ringing? To find out how lead generation can help you talk to our Business Development Team today.

Sales Tips From The Experts

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Leads Everyday generates 50,000 live customer contacts every month to UK businesses – but only YOU can turn these enquiries into business. We ask our most successful partners their secrets so we can share the knowledge. This tip is from a roofer in Newcastle.

Never look at the job from the ground.  Get up on to the roof and photograph the problem so the customer can see what’s going on.