Kai Budd


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About me

Meet Kai, the newest addition to the Leads Everyday team. This dynamic individual brings with him a unique blend of energy and skills to the workplace. With a passion for gym and fitness, Kai has a strong commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But that’s not all, as Kai’s love for music and travel has taken him on exciting journeys to the world’s biggest music events, with Ibiza being at the top of his list.

Prior to joining Leads Everyday, Kai was on the tools honing his technical abilities as an electrician and now, he brings his hands-on trades experience to the company. Kai feels that his role at Leads Everyday is the perfect mix between his trade experience and his passion for working with local businesses. We’re sure that Kai has got what it takes to lift your business off the ground and there’s no doubt that Kai is set to make a big impact at Leads Everyday.

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