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Make Sure Customers Contact You Directly

Most companies offering lead generation will employ a range of methods to get you new customer contacts. Of these, the strongest leads will be those that are generated “live” – ie, when a customer is actually looking for your service. 

It’s essential that you determine exactly what type of leads you will be getting.

There’s a world of difference between someone who has expressed an interest in having, for example, a new boiler installed and someone who is actively looking for a new boiler. 

There could be many reasons people may be interested in a new boiler in theory.

Live leads from customers needing your serviceThey may know their current boiler is inefficient, it may be temperamental. In short, it might be something they would ideally like to replace when they have the time and money to focus on it. But it’s not really until a householder has no hot water that they NEED to replace their boiler.

A happy plumber will be the one receiving calls from people who need their service NOW because they have a problem, like water pouring through the ceiling, that has to be addresses immediately.

Your first job is to determine what the company offering you leads is actually offering. ie, are they LIVE leads and are the customers actively looking for your service? 

Call 01329 887314 To Start Receiving Calls From New Customers

Leads Everyday leads are LIVE – because the customer contacts YOU. Instead of receiving details of potential customers who may have expressed an interest in the services you offer, you get live phone calls or callback requests from customers who are actively searching.

 There is no intermediary, the contacts come directly to you and are not shared with any other business. Many lead generators will send the same lead to a number of firms, giving each one the opportunity to quote. 

But that just gets you into a bidding war with your competitors. Each contact generated for you by Leads Everyday is unique to your business.

To find out how to get live customer contacts for your business, call our Business Development Team. Just let us know what trade and what area you are in and they will prepare a bespoke package and put you in touch with other people in your trade who will explain how we have helped their business thrive. 

Expert Tip Of The Week

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Leads Everyday generates 50,000 live customer contacts every month to UK businesses – but only YOU can turn these enquiries into business. We ask our most successful partners their secrets. This tip is from electrician Chris Winterbourne, of Rotherham, South Yorks:


Always put in a few hooks & reinforcement like:

“We are really busy but we can make that work for you as we are so local.” 

“You can more or less pick a date and we will work round you, as we are so local”

 “Would you like me to sort your date and you can cancel if it does not work for you free of charge? Can I have your email to confirm?”